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Mission Statement

The Guidance and Counseling department intentionally plans, organizes, and implements a comprehensive school counseling program aligned to the Texas Model that assists all students in their personal, social, academic, and career development. Professional School Counselors (PSC’s) collaborate with stakeholders to meet the individual needs of each student by implementing supports aiding in student growth which further cultivates their development into global citizens.


Greetings Shorthorn Family,

As counselors of this amazing school, it gives us great pleasure to be a part of your child’s middle school journey. Our goal is to provide a positive and nurturing environment, to not only enhance their academics, but to mold them into outstanding individuals. We hope to guide them throughout this chapter and empower them to become leaders. Together, we can do this!

To our students,

You have an amazing school career ahead of you! We hope to nurture you through your growth, not only academically, but as individuals, so that you may become the best version of you! 


Remember, there is only ONE OF YOU!!!!! 



Suicide Prevention

Suicide Awareness, Prevention & Intervention

Character Strong


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Posted Date: 10/01/2019
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2021 - 2022 Online Registration

2021 - 2022 Online Registration
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